Dinar Guru contains content about daily dinar updates and dinar recaps from all popular dinar gurus. It provides dinar guru opinions, dinar chronicles, and the latest dinar news. The Iraqi Dinar Guru updates on the latest dinar recaps and dinar chronicles, as well as opinions and predictions from the Iraqi Dinar Guru. The site gives users direct access to top gurus such as TNT, Markz, Frank26, Bruce, and many others.


Dinar Guru is an online financial journal that provides subscribers with information about current issues in the forex market. Furthermore, the site covers news about the global economy, especially the US dollar. The alert list provides forecasts for four to six months and has been featured on National Geographic and elsewhere.

According to Dinar Guru, the Iraqi real estate market remains desperate, but the future looks bright. Despite falling prices and investors returning to the market, the boom is expected to continue. Likewise, the authors of Counter Investor magazine agree that the weak economy is inhibiting growth, but their outlook is rapidly changing as prices have begun to increase.


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